Located on the edge of a saw mill in Oxfordshire, LA-EVA comes as the natural evolution of an artisan studio specialising in cold process soap making. For us, traditional handmade soap provided a unique platform for exploring palettes of scents, the potential of natural raw ingredients, and the care and attention it takes to create something truly beautiful. In our light, fragrant studio space, for a handful of years we cooked, cut, edged and packaged batches, blocks and bars of soap. Over time we worked on recipes and formulations for other products too, and popped up at festivals, local independent shops and markets, including the iconic London Spitalfields. We established a small, faithful customer base and close working relationships with farms, suppliers and the Soil Association.



Recently, a wind of evolution flew in through our studio windows, bringing with it the sense that is was time to pull together some of the best elements of our work and share them more broadly. We decided to pause on soap making for a while, but continue to use cold process soap as a medium of physically exploring the layering and balance of our scents. A new, small, carefully curated range of products has come together - beautiful, organic, universal units of well-being, inspired by sensory experiences, a love of art and an alignment of luxury with simplicity.

New individuals have also joined our journey along the way.  Among them Rose-Marie Caldecott, a budding fine artist whose etherial textures of paintings in progress now decorate amber glass bottles. The studio has seen the organic come together of like-minded thinkers, makers and purveyors of beautiful goods and has become a space of broader inspiration and collaboration, a lived in space where creativity is fostered and ideas are generated.




'LA-EVA stems from a spirit of joie de vivre, builds on artisan roots, and aligns naturally with the organic movement. LA-EVA is all about simplicity and luxury. About creativity and collaboration. And about treating body &  mind, as one.'

Louisa Canham, Founder


We now regularly open doors to visitors who wish to see how we work, try our products and discover art or objects of beauty that they may not have encountered before.