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laeva /lae.va/
latin adj. (f) meaning
left of centre

[Eva] /e:va/
female name meaning
living one
full of life


LA-EVA stems from a spirit of joie de vivre, builds on artisan roots, and aligns naturally with the organic movementLA-EVA comes together where the senses meet skincare, where luxury is aligned with simplicity and where body & mind are treated as one.


B E A U T I F U L .

LA-EVA creates products with a sense of harmony, purpose and beauty. In our studio we work on unique blends, exploring the layering of ingredients, properties, textures and scents .We are inspired by the idea of synaesthesia (from the ancient greek σùν, syn – ‘together’ and αіσθησις, aisthesis – ‘sensation’), that captures the interplay of our senses and their synergy. 


O R G A N I C .

LA-EVA products draw on the properties of pure raw elements and stay clear of unnecessary additives. Our products are certified organic, vegan, and made on a farm in central England.


U N I V E R S A L .

LA-EVA products are developed with the most sensitive skin of the face in mind, but we believe in treating every part of ourselves with equal care. 

We view the skin on our face, hands and bodies as one, creating a beautiful and effective range for multipurpose, universal use.


U N I T S  O F W E L L B E I N G .

LA-EVA is grounded in a holistic philosophy. We believe that delight can be found in simple everyday experiences and self-care.

We think of our products as units of wellbeing and recognise that they link body and mind via sensory pathways.